Update: Where have you been all this past year?

It’s been over a year since I’ve posted to this blog, and the reasons for that are as boring as they are legion (i.e., I had a lot of stuff going on, but I’m not going to bore you all with the details). However, I do hope to pick this blog back up and keepContinue reading “Update: Where have you been all this past year?”

How-to: Save Seeds (The Wet Method)

Here is part two of the seed saving infographics I’ve created, this one focusing on the wet method of seed saving. The previous post on the dry method can be found here [x]. As we officially start off the summer, it’s never too early to start thinking about the harvest, and what practices we canContinue reading “How-to: Save Seeds (The Wet Method)”

Links Round-Up #10: We Are What We Eat

In this round-up: How what we eat (especially what we don’t realize we eat) affects our bodies and the environment. Emulsify your life “How Emulsifiers Are Messing with Our Guts (and Making Us Fat)”, Elizabeth Grossman, Civil Eats A common added ingredient in processed food is some form of an emulsifier, an additive that prevents ingredientsContinue reading “Links Round-Up #10: We Are What We Eat”

How-to: Save Seeds (The Dry Method)

If you’re growing your own food and you’re looking to become more self-sufficient and sustainable, learning how to save seeds for the following growing season is a critical step. Learn the dry method of seed saving in this post!

Links Round-Up #9: Climate Solutions

In this round-up: Changes to our agricultural practices and increasing our preservation efforts can help mitigate the effects of climate change. Farming for Solutions “Carbon Farming: Hope For A Hot Planet”, Brian Barth, Modern Farmer Carbon farming is a set of techniques that facilitates the process of taking carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to store it inContinue reading “Links Round-Up #9: Climate Solutions”

Upcoming Food Conferences

Throughout the year there are some interesting and exciting events happening in the food movement, including a number of conferences that allow people to meet and exchange ideas. I’ve been compiling a list of conferences I want to try to attend, and I thought I would share the list! Below are some of the upcomingContinue reading “Upcoming Food Conferences”

Links Round-Up #8: Food Politics

In this round-up: The slippery ways in which American politicians avoid the critical questions surrounding the U.S. food system. Politics As Usual “Editorial: Why Don’t Candidates Talk About Food?”, The Register’s Editorial, The DesMoines Register With the 2016 U.S. presidential primaries well underway, many issues of national importance have been vehemently discussed in debates, townContinue reading “Links Round-Up #8: Food Politics”

Links Round-Up #7: Food Activism

In this round-up: Tackling the industrial aspects of our current food system. Standing Up to Big Business “Ag-Gag Laws in America: The Ugly Truth”, Andrew Amelinckx, Modern Farmer The role of news media is to keep a critical eye on those in power, and to bring information to the people to raise awareness on issuesContinue reading “Links Round-Up #7: Food Activism”